May 21, 2014

A Long Spring

Much has been going on in the few weeks since I last blogged.  Spring has landed, although with fits and spurts.  Heat on, air conditioning on, windows open, windows closed, fire in the fireplace -- one of the joys of Spring is that the weather is truly unpredictable.  So, too, is life.  Spring cleaning, both out in the yard and in the buildings, moving furniture, herding cats and husband, and taking care of a myriad of 'darned dailies' that seem to have minds of their own, the last few weeks have been hectic.

There are times I wish my fairy godmother would swoop in and take care of some of this stuff.  Included, of course, is the 'stuff' of making art.  Not just painting, but photographing, recording, framing, ordering supplies, and even varnishing paintings seem to take time away from applying brush to canvas.  But in the whirl and rush of the Spring dust storm, I have been able to finish 15 paintings in the Birdhouse series and one in a new series.  These new Birdhouses are smaller, ranging from 8x10" to 12x16", and they are all framed and ready to hang.

The new series is larger works on gallery-wrap canvas, "Ships Passing."  The first one, "Two Ships Passing in the Night," is shown below.

But what I am truly excited about is this:  I have been invited to participate in the yART Show this coming Labor Day weekend.  I have been attending the yART (ART in the yard) Show over the last 7 years.  It is held at a private residence on Kent Avenue in Bethany Beach, and is by invitation-only.  So, just ask me how excited I am to be invited!

Upwards of 20 artists gather from 9-3 on the Saturday and Sunday of the holiday weekend.  Works range from fine art to blown glass, wood and metal smithing, jewelry and photography.  There's music, snacks, face painting for the little (and big) ones, and this year, for the Very First Time -- ME!

You'll definitely be hearing more about this as the summer progresses, but if you plan on being in the Bethany area over Labor Day weekend, you'd BETTER stop by and see me!  I'll be the tall, slightly crazed artist surrounded by Birdhouses!