February 23, 2014

20/20 hindsight

It has been an interesting week, working on the new web-site.  We've tweaked the menu, altered the tree, and gathered photos of art work.  So far, so good.  Mixed media, check.  Oil pastels, check.  Sketchbooks, also check.  Watercolors, minimal check; only a small number of photos from close to seven years of painting.  So, where were the photos?

Checked every single thumb-drive I could lay my hands on.  No luck.  I've got the photos in the album, so I KNOW the electronic record is Around Here Somewhere!!  After searching for two days, I finally located the storage device with my watercolor photos -- a 3-1/2" floppy disc.  Right after the Elation of having found the lost lambs came the Realization.  What computer today takes 3-1/4" floppy discs?  With a little help from my friends, I located a plug and play drive, with the obligatory USB port.  E, Voila!

I still couldn't access the photos.  Turns out, the program I used to store the photos was from Kodak, who no longer offers support.  Looked some more, and found the original disc with the download for the program.  I thought I was in business, finally, finally.  That idea pooped out, too, after trying to load the disc on two different computers.  It seems the program was 9 years old, and the supporting technology and programs have advanced so far that the original program simply had the "vapors" and refused to load.

So, having spent almost a week seeking a solution, I'm back to square one, where I simply scan the photos into the computer, save them on SEVERAL devices as j-pegs, and hope the technology gods allow me the luxury of posting a few on those errant photos on the web-site.  Had I simply bowed to the Obvious Conclusion, I would have scanned them at the first sign of lost technology and saved myself a week.  Oh,  well.  I do have 20/20 hindsight.

February 15, 2014

This was all unintentional . . .

This wasn't what I had in mind -- blogging and web sites and such.  I was just going to stay in my studio-io and paint.

But, you see,  painting wasn't originally in the cards, either.  Growing up with parents who supported families through the Great Depression, i was actively discouraged from any kind of art because "you can't make a living at it."  So I repressed my desire to draw and paint, but it finally got the better of me.  So, here I am -- Morgan Golladay, Fine Artist.

And, I'm blogging about it.  I swear, I'm almost giddy-headed about it!  Not to the point of being addle-pated, you understand, but just a wee bit giddy.  Now, admitedly, a lot of that is cultural.  See, I grew up with party lines, a 4 channel black and white tv, and one car in the family.  So blogging, and all of the associated technology that led up to blogging, is part of that huge learning curve I've gone through.

This blog is associated with my web-site, but will stray into other areas.  Opinions, poetry and weather reports will bump elbows with cat stories and art discussions.  This of it as a smorgasbord.  Artists are creative people; goes with the territory.  The only way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.  and many of the creative ideas we have give birth to other ideas.  Art and poetry are two different ways of creating mind pictures of these ideas.  So, I'm gonna fasten my seat belt.  It's promising to be an ineresting ride!